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Traffic & Mobility

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transportation infrasture monitoring. Omnibond’s TrafficVision™ team has been working with state DOTs, Tollway, bridge, and regional transportation authorities to provide roadway insights and reduce incident response time. We can provide expertise with your Traffic & Mobility modernization goals and data insights.

TrafficVision™ TMC reduces the response time using Computer Vision & AI with existing traffic monitoring cameras. Simultaneously it can provide real-time automated incident detection (AID) and collect Traffic data. On-ramps to freeways can be monitored with the same technology to provide wrong-way detection.

TrafficVision™ TMC can provide queue monitoring for various scenarios including dreyage queuing, metered lanes, and mainline queue tracking. Observer extends the capabilties of TrafficVision™ TMC to provide an enhanced monitoring dashboard for Ports and secure installations. Providing integrated truck queuing, traffic alerts, and comprehensive traffic data.

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Research, HPC, & CI

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research computing functions to increase total cost and time effenciency and reduce time to results. With diverse and extensive experience in research computing enterprises this expertise can be leveraged from executives to practicioners producing the desired results. The following solutions both developed in-house and by our partners can help with the digital transformation.

HPC & CyberInfrastructure require an integrated approach combining computation and storage. Omnibond’s CI team is working toward a truly entangled appraoch. Currently you can expand your HPC horizions to the cloud with CloudyCluster®. It automates and simplifies your cloud HPC journey. It can provide a fully operational HPC environment in minutes. You also have the flexibility to customize the images to provide any additional software or tools you require.

Complete with Open OnDemand, a powerful research interface that is fully integrated into CloudyCluster® and provides seamless remote applications including Jupyter notebooks backed by shared OrangeFS™ HPC storage.

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Identity Management

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systems and applications with Omnibond’s OmniPasskey passwordless solution & IDM connectors which are sold through NetIQ (a division of opentext™) and provide identity provisioining, deprovisioning to respective systems with fully configurable policies. These connectors are used by thousands of customers world-wide.

These connectors provide secure event based updates to and from a diverse set of systems including Mainframes, Midrange systems, Windows, and many Linux and UNIX distributions. These events can be customized through policy and provide for complex interactions to provide solutions for a wide variety of identity and security issues and compliance needs.

In addition to system level integrations, Omnibond provides connectors to a variety of applications from Blackbaord to Internet2’s Grouper, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Workspaces. The versital scripting connector can be used to connect to any number of systems or applications running on Microsoft Windows or Many Linux distributions through Python, VBScript, PowerShell, Bourne Shell, Perl, and other system level languages.

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