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ProjectEureka™ represents a pioneering solution designed to seamlessly integrate and manage data and computationally intensive applications within engineering and scientific research. Its robust architecture facilitates the smooth operation of these applications across on-premises infrastructure and the vast expanse of multi-cloud environments.

Through ProjectEureka™, organizations gain the ability to efficiently schedule and execute both High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tasks. This is achieved through conventional methods bolstered by innovative directives tailored to facilitate data staging and deployment across diverse multi-cloud infrastructures, ensuring optimal resource allocation, scalability, and flexibility.

At the forefront of ProjectEureka™’s user experience is an intuitive project interface, built atop Open OnDemand. This interface simplifies multi-cloud interactive technical computing, empowering researchers and engineers to navigate complex computational landscapes effortlessly. By streamlining workflows and providing intuitive controls, ProjectEureka™ unlocks the full potential of multi-cloud computing, accelerating insight and discovery across various scientific domains, from drug discovery to climate modeling, genomics to aerospace, automotive, and energy sectors.

Bursting & Data Staging

Computational Bursting of Cloud

Multipoint Bursting

ProjectEureka™ enables multipoint bursting, build your base environment on-prem using Kubernetes and seamlessly burst jobs and data staging to cloud platforms, build your base environment in the cloud and burst between clouds or even back to on-prem. Initially this cloud bursting capability will work across AWS - GCP - Azure - K8s

Powered by OmniScheduler, the meta-scheduler at the core of ProjectEureka™, our platform ensures seamless integration with the most advanced technologies. Enjoy the freedom to operate any application, anywhere, without vendor lock-in.

Multipoint Data Staging

ProjectEureka™ has built in multipoint data-staging capabilities allowing a job or interactive app to stage data as part of its launch, allowing for tightly integrated workflows. When jobs are launched from cloud to cloud or from on-prem to cloud, you can configure the data to travel with the job for execution. The data can also be used as an anchor to where a job will be launched if it’s too large to transfer.

ProjectEureka™ is currently under development and is anticipated to offer early access in the latter part of the summer.
For those interested, please direct any inquiries to sales@omnibond.com for further information and updates.

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